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As the name implies, PTE Coaching online offers PTE classes online from the best and most qualified PTE instructors who have been educated by Ms. Vishal, PTE Master Trainer, Pearson India. Since the PTE's introduction until 2020, Ms. Vishal has been affiliated with Pearson as a Master Trainer for the PTE. As a result, she has been involved in the training of PTE trainers in nations like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Thousands of PTE aspirants in Australia, India, Nepal, China, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Dubai, and Thailand have also received her training in order to pass the PTE with a score of 84 or higher.

Several students Looking for PTE Coaching in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, or Dubai? These candidates took our trainers' online PTE classes and received the results they were hoping for. The best PTE coaching in India is available through PTE coaching online. Our students have access to Pearson Portal for Authentic Material, including Placement Tests and PTE Mock Tests, while we are providing PTE Classes to them. These tests are evaluated and graded accurately by the official Pearson portal. We provide individual classes for as well as group coaching.

For students seeking a specific core for their demands regarding a study visa or immigration to Australia, we also provide a guaranteed score plan. Talk to us about our "Guaranteed Score Plan" at any time.


  • Top Notch Trainers
  • Authentic material from Pearson
  • Excellent Results

PTE Exam Pattern

The Pearson Test of English is a test that evaluates a person's proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking English. All of the aforementioned factors make it possible for someone to survive in an English-speaking nation. This test is an academic examination which is applicable for Australia and New Zealand. The exam is totally computer-based, meaning that a computer is used to administer and grade it. Each test taker will receive four separate modules for the PTE Academic exam.

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing


The total score is 90. Each module is assessed from 0- 90 score and an aggregate score for the test. The test also assesses a person’s skill sets, primarily, communicative and enabling skills on a scale of 0 to 90.

PTE Listening (45-57 minutes)

Summarize Spoken text

The test-taker needs to listen to a lecture and write down the summary in 50-70 words after listening to the audio clip. There may be 3 of such question types

Multiple choice, choose multiple answers

Multiple options are given on your screen and you need to choose more than one option based on the audio clip you hear. You need to select all the options that you think are true for the recording. There shall be 2 of such questions.

Fill in the blanks

The audio clip played should be matched with the transcription written on the screen. You will need to fill in the blanks that the transcription has. You should fill the blanks as you hear the audio.

Highlight correct summary

After listening to the audio, you need to select the paragraph that perfectly summarizes the matter being referred to in the recording.

Multiple choice, choose single answer

After listening to a recording, answer the multiple-choice questions on the content of the recording by selecting one response.

Highlight incorrect words

You need to select the word from the written transcript that is different from the speech in the audio clip. Left-clicking is used to highlight the word. Two question types

Summarize Spoken text

The test-taker needs to listen to a lecture and write down the summary in 50-70 words after listening to the audio clip. There may be 3 of such question types

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