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United States

Immigrate to United States

Immigrate to United States

There are several benefits to studying abroad in the United States. The United States of America has long been a leader in the field of education, establishing benchmarks for the calibre of instructors, the degree of scholarly work, and the general exposure that students have to when studying abroad. Its dedication to excellence, the broadened scope for research, and the flexibility in teaching are reflected in the outcomes, as seen in the talent that is fostered and generated at American colleges.

Because the US is home to some of the most illustrious and historic institutions, its influence on international power structures - politically, socially, and economically - has never been more clear. All international organisations, both public and corporate, including the World Bank, the IMF, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and the Federal Reserve, are hiring top talent from the renowned US institutions.

Especially for aspiring future leaders, there is a depth of information in a varied variety of areas that must be wired into. Your journey to greatness and eventual success is aided by the networking opportunities and knowledge you acquire while attending a US college. Their dedication to greatness is still obvious in the most objective of metrics, i.e. the World University Rankings, where over 40 American universities are in the top 100 worldwide thanks to the diversity of modules, excellent professors, and overall student cultural enhancement. Additionally, six of the top ten universities in the world are located in the US. This post is for you if you want to study in the United States.

Top Universities in the USA

Eight American universities that make up the Ivy League were established on the basis of outstanding athleticism. Today, the legacy has expanded to include intellectual superiority rather than social elitism, excellent research, and academic achievement. With strong connections in the commercial and public sectors of the global economic architecture, the Ivy League is driven to cultivate the best research and learning environment for its students. When it comes to doing research and imparting their knowledge to students, their approach is unrivalled. Guest speakers from Fortune 500 Corporations and the majority of their highly qualified faculty members come from industry.

Given the variety of courses available, there are a number of alternative universities that might appeal to and be a good fit for a student. The quality of US universities and colleges outside of the Ivy League is at the greatest level, as seen in the World Rankings, and a string of US innovations across several generations provide evidence in support of this claim. The GPS, the car, the plane, contemporary weaponry systems, search engine and internet-related platforms like Google, and social networking.

List of Universities in the USA

  • California Baptist University
  • California State University Chico
  • California State University Dominguez Hills
  • California State University Fresno
  • Columbia University – School of Professional Studies
  • Eastern Kentucky University
  • Hult International Business School
  • INTO – Marshall University
  • Le Cordon Bleu USA
  • Marist College
  • Mercer University
  • navitas-USA
  • New York Film Academy
  • Oklahoma City University
  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • Study Group-USA
  • University of Cincinnati (UC)
  • Washington College
  • Western Kentucky University

Education Cost for Studying in USA

f you are thinking of studying in the US, it is important that you are aware of education costs in USA. Considering the dollar rate, the cost of higher education in USA is quite high. Take a look at the USA education costs below to get an idea.
Tuition Fee (USD $)

Note: These figures vary from one institution to another and one could pay up to double the amount listed above in a leading US University.

Minimum Cost of Living (USD $)
Average Total – $1000/Month additional to Tuition Fee and Accommodation

Scholarships to Study in the USA

Major Intakes: September
Minor Intakes: January

Students considering the option to study in USA are recommended to begin the application procedure at least 12 months prior to the intake. USA Scholarship deadlines vary amongst institutions. In order to capitalise on the available USA scholarship programme, we advise you to walk into Global Education Ideas Global Education Offices as early as possible. We will provide you complete information on the USA scholarship process.

Admission Process for Study in USA

Students should register with Global Education Ideas in order to be sure that they are getting the highest calibre information on the opportunities accessible for studying in the USA. Following registration, students will receive meticulous guidance through a number of crucial phases, increasing their chances of being admitted to the schools of their choice. We at Global Education Ideas approach the USA admissions procedure in this manner.


You register with Global Education Ideas and be assured of obtaining the best quality advice.


We make an assessment of your academic qualifications, work experience, financial status, career goals as well as life interests and aspirations.

Standardised Tests

We evaluate the requirement of any standardised tests you may need to take or review results that has been already obtained.

University/Course Selection

Together, we shortlist potential universities and courses that match your profile.

Document Editing

We edit the essays, Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation and Resume, which have been written by you.

Application Review and Submission

The completed application forms are reviewed before they are submitted to your final choice of universities.

Interview Preparation

We assist in preparation (including mock sessions) for the interviews that you may have with the chosen universities.

Visa Counselling

We assist in preparation (including mock sessions) for the interviews that you may have with the High Commissions or Embassies, as well as the collation and review of relevant documentation for submission of the visa application.

Pre-Departure Information

We deliver comprehensive information about the country of choice to ensure that you are completely prepared for life at an overseas university.

Service & Processing Includes

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